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Welcome to the Going For Broadway podcast with Eryn Woo. Each week Eryn chats with actors, directors, playwrights, talent agents, and many others who live their lives in, on, and around the stage. Eryn is a young performer who has acted and sung in many plays...and has dreams of reaching Broadway. Each day is another step closer to that goal. The Going for Broadway podcast shares their secrets so that you can learn from them and join Eryn on her journey toward Broadway!
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Sep 28, 2015

Sally Cade Holmes is a freelance producer who most recently produced Dylan Frederick's Summer Valley Fair at the New York Musical Theatre Festival and The Twentieth-Century Way with Rattlestick Playwrights Theater. She served as the Producing Associate at Williamstown Theatre Festival where she worked on Broadway and off-Broadway productions of The Bridges of Madison County, Fool for Love, Living on Love, The Old Man and The Old Moon, and The Visit.

Sep 24, 2015

Eryn is joined on this episode with an actor that has been in many productions with her. John Patrick ("J.P.") McLaurin is a theatre artist based in South Carolina. He is currently pursuing a BFA in Acting at Coastal Carolina University, where he will be directing José Rivera’s Marisol this fall.

Sep 24, 2015

Kevin Sizemore joins us today on Going for Broadway. Eryn has worked and learned from Kevin a lot in the past to prepare for different auditions. Kevin Sizemore has portrayed many memorable characters on television, such as Gary Humphrey on RESURRECTION, Paul Randolph on UNDER THE DOME and Greg Miner on STALKER as well as characters on NCIS, 24, Rizzoli & Isles & DROP DEAD DIVA and many more. 

Sep 23, 2015

Emily Pate is a really good friend of Eryn’s and has the same goal as all of us… Going for Broadway! With this dream in mind, she has performed in regional and community theaters for the past 8 years starring in productions including Tarzan, All Shook Up, Jesus Christ Superstar, Little Mermaid and The Wizard of Oz.

Sep 21, 2015

Rick Connor was in Eryn’s very first show ever! Rick is a community theatre regular for many years now here in the Upstate of South Carolina. Recently he was seen as Sheriff Earl in All Shook UP at the Greenville Little Theatre, and in Smokey Joe’s Café, A Christmas Carol as Jacob Marley which he has played several times and will play once again this coming December at GLT along with Eryn. 

Sep 18, 2015

Jaycie Dotin is a seasoned actress who is currently on her first National Tour as Lorraine in Jersey Boys (which in coming to Greenville where Eryn is). Considered a true “triple threat”, an actor who can act, sing and dance, Jaycie is a Wright State University alumna where she earned her BFA in Musical Theatre. 

Sep 17, 2015

We are joined today with one of Eryn’s favorite directors, Kim Granner. Kim Granner studied Art and thus, her original career choice was to become an artist but to make a living, veered off (in her words) and worked as a graphic artist for 30 years. 




Sep 16, 2015

Arbender Robinson joins us today on this episode of Going for Broadway. Arbender is a native of Chicago and a Graduate of Viterbo University. After his Broadway debut in Hairspray, Arbender has had many more successful runs in a number of Broadway shows in The Book of Mormon, the original casts of Beautiful: The Carole King Musical, The Little Mermaid, Ragtime, and currently as the Constable and Montparnasse in Les Mis (he is also the understudy of Marius), in which Eryn got to see if him in.  

Sep 15, 2015

Coach Robert has served as Eryn’s voice teacher for about 6 years now. Robert Hoefer is president of the South Carolina Institute for Vocal Training (SCIVT) and CEO of Pitch Doctors, LLC.  Coach Robert has been in the music and voice industry his entire life, beginning his vocal training as a child under the tutelage of the distinguished Hungarian instructor Dr. Arpad Darazs. 

Sep 14, 2015

Originally from South Carolina, Justin has made a professional career in theatre. He has gone from starting with community theatre in Greenville, South Carolina and moving on to the regional theatre scene in Atlanta, Georgia, Justin at both the Serenbe Playhouse where he has played Demetrius in Midsummer’s Night Dream and Craven/Weatherstaff in The Secret Garden, and at the TheatreSquared where has acted in Look Away and One Man, Two Guvnors. Coming up, Justin will be Jason in Wit at the Aurora Theatre, a theatre center that produces professional plays based in Georgia, and Ventecelli in Amadeus at Theatre Squared.

In this Episode, Justin and Eryn discuss his training at North Greenville and the prestigious University of Arkansas. They also talk about the different regional theatres he acts at and the environment in which they come. Justin is always back and forth between working in different locations of theatre, but finds Atlanta to be the place to be.

Justin talks about the life as an actor. He is always looking for work and makes it a point to say that the agent can only get you the appointment, and the rest of the work is all on you.

They close out the episode with his word of advice being to “have fun.” It’s hard work and there’s always time to be serious, but if you’re not having fun then it’s all wrong. Justin tells the parents to support their young performers and keep on with the encouragement.




Sep 11, 2015

Samuel Farnsworth join us today on this episode. Eryn and Samuel have known and acted together since the beginning of both of their acting experiences. Samuel Farnsworth is a sophomore Drama student at University of North Carolina for the Arts in Winston Salem, widely acknowledged as one of the top drama programs in the U.S.

Eryn and Samuel discuss a lot about all of the training that he has done. He has gone through many classes and performances at many local theatres, as well as trained at the Fine Arts Center and the Governor’s School. They talk a lot about the National Unified Auditions and the convenience and benefits of these type of auditions. They also go into being able to choose the right program for you to attend. Tour schools, get the right “feel” of the school and know what you want in order to know where you’re meant to be.

Samuel believes that you must do what you love to do and do the art for yourself, not anyone else.

“Be curious and find your love of the play… If you love it, it won’t get old and you will become better.”


Sep 10, 2015

Amelia is a USA-based singer, actor, songwriter, musician and voice-over artist with international credits in music theatre, theatre, cabaret, film and television, and voice-over. She first trod the boards of a professional stage at 13, in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat (Really Useful Group). She completed a BA (Performance Studies) at the University of Sydney, before graduating from WAAPA in 2004 with a BA (Music Theatre).

And Eryn recently saw her in Kinky Boots when it came to Greenville!

Amelia talks about the many things she has accomplished in her performing career. She talks about her involvement in theatre, film, touring, singing at award shows, and voiceover work. She goes into detail about the differences in performing at different places all around the world and how they vary.

“If you can dream it, you can do it,” she says. If you are passionate about it enough, then it will happen. You have to prove to the universe that you can take a risk.

As artists, never be afraid to create your own work and keep on honing your craft.


Sep 9, 2015

Joining us today, is Ms. Kimberlee Ferreira. Kimberlee was dancing professionally in New York by the age of 18. A sought-after teacher and choreographer, Kimberlee is director of the jazz companies at the Upstate Carolina Dance Center. Eryn has worked with her in a number of productions with something amazing choreography!

In this episode, Eryn and Kimberlee talk about her experience in dance, choreographing, and special skills and sparks within an actor. She believes that it is ok if your dance skills aren’t the best, but your acting and voice are; It does not limit you. There are many other shows and musicals that aren’t “Chorus Line”-esque.

Kimberlee always says to stay in class and never stop learning and growing. Always be the hardest working person wherever you’re at because someone will always notice your determination. Something will always come out of your trying.

Parents, always keep supporting and don’t judge or compare.

Sep 8, 2015

Eryn is joined by Suzanne McCalla on this episode of Going for Broadway. Eryn has worked under Suzanne’s direction at the Greenville Little Theatre since 2009, and is a dear friend to her. Suzanne joined GLT in 1993.  She is head of design; designing costumes and sets for the past twenty-one seasons. Suzanne’s early career was spent primarily at The Dallas Theatre Center with legendary director Adrian Hall and Tony Award winning designer, Eugene Lee. Their vision of theatre has always been her primary source of inspiration.

Suzanne talks about being in the right place at the right time to help you get success, as well as having connections. The two discuss auditioning for everything versus things that you are only good for. She believes that you must know what you are good that, and only audition for those certain opportunities and not go out for something that you aren’t the best at. Of course, you can work your way up to getting that skill, but that shouldn’t be the start of it. Know yourself!

Suzanne’s word of advice comes from being able to have lots of life experience, keep your eyes open, and know that there are many ways of working your way up. She says to meet lots of people as well. Parents, keep those checkbooks open; be an investor and supporter in the arts!

Sep 7, 2015

Originally from Mississippi, Beth received a degree in Broadcast Journalism from The University of Southern Mississippi. She was hired by CNN in Atlanta and later transferred to their offices in New York where she worked while attending the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

In the following years she learned it ain't all 5-star hotels; sometimes it's no-star hotels, but it's the work that matters. Beth makes it a point that if a director pulls you off to the side for a note or for a tip, then it means that they see something in you. They want you to improve and are looking to talk to you again. You must also be tenacious, if you see something you like that another actor, ask them what they are doing to put themselves on their level.

The advice that Beth would give to aspiring actors is that you must subdue all of your fears and that you must make a good relationship with every single person you work with. You are always investing in yourself and investing in the people in the room. It doesn’t matter if the person is dismissive, you must make sure you greet them and remind them of you, but also move out of their way quickly.

“The show business is the one career that there is no set path, you can choose your own path.”

Sep 4, 2015

Eryn is joined by Rachel Izen on this episode of Going for Broadway. Rachel started at a young age performing, but mainly as a dancer. She studied at a conservatory that was purely dance training. Her transition into being an “actor” was really just auditioning for different opportunities. Rachel discusses how she ended up working in the West End and how she got her green card to be able to travel to the US where she toured and performed on Broadway in Mary Poppins and currently in Les Mis, in which Eryn got the chance to see her in.

Not only does she talk about her journeys towards performing, she also explains the rather exhausting work life of an actor balancing eight shows a week along any other gig you’ve signed up for.  She goes into explaining her film work that comes through her agent and the difference between acting on stage and on television. 

The show wraps up with Rachel talking about how to learn from experiences from going out and auditioning and learning from everything. She thinks that feedback from another person isn’t the most reliable to work with and to always continue to work on your craft. 

Sep 3, 2015

In this episode of Going for Broadway, Eryn is joined by the award-winning, Dr. Roy Fluhrer. Dr. Fluhrer was born into theater, sleeping in a theater trunk as a baby while his parents performed. He is currently the director of the Greenville County School District’s Fine Arts Center, has worked as the artistic director of the Toledo Repertoire Theater, vice chancellor of the North Carolina School for the Arts, and chairman of the theater department at the University of Idaho. Even though he grew up in the theater, his love for theater didn’t shine through until the age of 13, when he was forced by his mother to attend a performance of Henry VIII.

Dr. Fluhrer talks about his work at the Fine Arts Center and their mission of encouraging talented students to pursue their path through the fine arts. He shares what he looks for in an audition and how he can tell whether it’s a good fit after the first 10 seconds. Eryn and Dr. Fluhrer discuss child actors on stage and different aspects of young acting.

Dr. Fluhrer explains his philosophy of failure being a learning opportunity. He adds great advice and insights about pursuing your career in areas of your strengths or weaknesses and nurturing your abilities. Dr. Fluhrer discusses different methods used in the fine arts, and being able to use and understand the method appropriately. Eryn and Dr. Fluhrer wrap up with focusing and being willing to do whatever it takes to succeed.

Sep 2, 2015

On this Going for Broadway Episode, Eryn is joined with Chante Carmel. Currently in Motown the Musical on tour, Chante talks about all of her experience and journeys leading up to today. Chante has always had a passion for music and would tour with her dad’s choir at a very young age. Once she got the taste for touring and traveling the world, she never looked back.

She has continued to do a couple more national tours such as Rent, and talked about her path that led her into this show. Eryn and Chante also talk about her time working and performing on the Disney Cruiseline. She says that her transition into the film world was tough but she has found a way to balance out her busy work life and be prepared for everything that she does.

Chante finishes by saying that even though this acting business is hard, you must always hold on to your belief, fate, and what you want. She tells parents to never stop supporting their child and their dream as her parents have done to her.  

Sep 1, 2015

Eryn talks with Adam Jacobs on this episode today. Eryn recently saw Adam in Aladdin on Broadway, and was thrilled to discuss with him what paths brought him all of his success today. He got the acting bug in high school and had many mentors that encouraged him to go on with his career and interest in the arts. He knew for sure when he felt the encouragement and the applause from the audience that this was what he wanted to do.

Adam goes through his training at university, his learning experiences in summer programs, and how this work as brought him his success today. He goes into the lifestyle of touring nationally with Les Mis, as well as his work on Broadway. He explains the differences of rehearsing and learning a show that has been running and is very established already, such as Lion King, versus being in the original cast of a production.

To wrap up the show, Adam talks about how the actor must tap into the magical part of himself to stay positive and keep on working. He tells parents not to be too worried and how the skills they can develop in college can be a great base and be transferred into any other career.